Thursday, August 14, 2008

from sarah, with love.

hellloooo all! sarah here. after many pleads and a fair amount of nagging from various family members, i have finally decided to post my annual blog. just in time too, seeing as i am leaving tomorrow to go back to good 'ole MI.
i have been here in NC for the past 10 days, hanging out with em and jim. we've had lots of fun planting bean fields, cheering on america's golden boy (michael phelps, of course), and just recently, trying to get the newest addition of their family to stay awake. one thing we've learned is that bentley, not unlike emily, loves his naps...
we also went camping sunday night till tuesday morning. we roughed it and slept in a tent. we enjoyed all the camping favorites around the fire...hobo pies, doughboys, and lots and lots of s'mores. :)
jim also played the part of superman...killing 2 black widows, a tick, and a bee ALL in the same day. wow, what a stud.
proof of the superman like behavior....

(Click on the picture and you can see the red hour glass)
so, all in all, its been a wonderful visit. i love spending time with em and jim..and now bentley too. but of course, i can't wait to get home and see all my family and friends. especially you, mom. ;) love you!

a few more pictures from our camping extravaganza...

that's all from me! until next year....adios!

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Anonymous said...

great post sarah
looking forward to having my dishes partner back home