Thursday, August 28, 2008

bucket list

inspired by the movie, "bucket list" i decided to create a list of my own...a list of things i want to accomplish in my life-preferably sooner rather than later.

so far i have come up with:

-going to a 3rd world country to do missions
-finding a love for running and completing a 1/2 marathon
-work for a non-profit agency to assist in the health care of children suffering with the AIDS epidemic
-potty train bentley-that's a must.
-take a photography class
-plant a garden
-eat lobster in Maine in the fall
-camp in Colorado
-visit Tahiti
-plant a tree
-ride bikes around Mackinac Island
-visit Griffin in Uganda

that's it for now. i'll keep you posted on my progress. love to all.

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