Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ancestral game of Bocce Ball

While Emily was working today, Sarah and I took our inspiration for the Olympics outside for our own little duel.

Our discipline of choice... Bocce Ball. Seeing how we couldn't both be the USA, we decided to play for our ancestors. Sarah representing the Dutch, and me representing the Germans. It was a fierce battle, one in which words were often exchanged. The Germans took off to a demanding lead, until the Dutch found that lucky touch. The Dutch stormed ahead to a 19-15 lead, only 2 points away from a gold medal... the first for the country in its history! However, the Germans were by no means going to let the Dutch just walk over them. On the next round, the Germans gained 2 points... which brought them to only 2 points behind the mighty Dutch and brought a little glimmer of hope for victory. The battle was finally decided on the next round. The Germans stole all 4 points of the round and stunned the bewildered Dutch 21-19 to win the gold medal (first ever medal for Germany in the event). As previously mentioned, there were words exchanged during the match. The words holding the most worth now, was a confident statement made by the then leading Dutch. "The loser has to buy the winner Sonic!" Personally, I think it was that statement that truly inspired the downtrodden German team. It was a match for the ages (and hopefully you will see it on ESPN Classics soon), and a story that shall be passed down from generation to generation... How the Germans came out of no where to shock the Bocce Ball World!

Here are some pictures that helped us document the day.

Taken when the Dutch finally found that lucky touch.

The infamous German Granny throw.

The round that ended the championship (yes, the Germans were using the green balls).

The aforementioned "bewildered Dutch" team after it was all said and done with.

Maybe for the next Olympics, Germany will let me carry in the flag.....

What a great afternoon so far... but now its off to Sonic!!



Kristin said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that recap of the German verses Dutch game. Jim maybe you should go into sports announcing....just a thought.

rachel said...

LOL. High five for German ancestry - I feel like I in some part was able to share in that victory. But only in about 15% of it. The other 75% was sitting on the sidelines with the unfortunate English who apparently didn't make the finals.