Saturday, August 30, 2008

really... 2 years in a row

Michigan... you gotta be kidding me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

bucket list

inspired by the movie, "bucket list" i decided to create a list of my own...a list of things i want to accomplish in my life-preferably sooner rather than later.

so far i have come up with:

-going to a 3rd world country to do missions
-finding a love for running and completing a 1/2 marathon
-work for a non-profit agency to assist in the health care of children suffering with the AIDS epidemic
-potty train bentley-that's a must.
-take a photography class
-plant a garden
-eat lobster in Maine in the fall
-camp in Colorado
-visit Tahiti
-plant a tree
-ride bikes around Mackinac Island
-visit Griffin in Uganda

that's it for now. i'll keep you posted on my progress. love to all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Youth of the Nation

I'm working with some kids on inference right now, and I decided I would put you, our faithful readers, up to the test. If you don't know what it means, look it up in the dictionary... we may be working on dictionary skills too.

On Saturday, we headed out late morning and met up with a couple of really cool people. We then went to a restaurant which had a strange variety of choices. Then I played some MarioKart on the Wii with one of the aforementioned cool people. It was then off to another restaurant (Chick-fil-a) for lunch. We returned from lunch stuffed and ready for an afternoon at the pool. The pool time was filled with water volleyball, Marco Polo, and some races (individual and relay... and some with one team member swimming on the back of another team member of course). It was then time to head back to the house to get some work done. Emily took liberties with one of the persons and planted about 10 trees. I actually found myself working on an operating table, it was crazy and difficult but I proved to be a pretty good surgeon. After our good services to the community, we decided it was time for some Sorry, paper-rock-scissors, Hide-and-Seek, and some Perfection. The time with these people ended with some pretty intense four square.

Truly a splendid, but tiring, day.

So, can you infer what we did on Saturday????

Here are some hints: The cool people we hung out with were 2 girls, a 6th grader and a 2nd grader (I worked with their mom last year at GHE). The first restaurant talked about above was a pretend restaurant with small erasers shaped like common food items. I had a hot dog, hamburger (with the light green lettuce, not the dark green), a smiley face popsicle, and some soda... which I got for free because the girl (the 2nd grader) behind the "counter" said I was nice so I didn't have to pay. Awesome! Also, while I was working on the operating table I was able to successfully remove the charlie horse, wrenched ankle, adam's apple, and the writers cramp ( yes, it is true, we played the game Operation). Again, awesome! The trees Emily planted... they were plastic and planted on a piece of plywood, painted to look like Central Park, with green Play-Doh... a school project.

Okay, you better have it figured out by now. We babysat on Saturday. We had a great time with them as always, and look forward to doing it again soon.

If you got that right, I am glad... you passed the simple test. There may be more of these kinds of posts to come later.

Sunday, Emily did not have to work (someone wanted to switch with her). We were excited to have 2 days off together (a rarity these days). We went to church in the morning, had a nice light lunch, and did some dog training. Bentley is impressing us... sometimes.

In the evening, we headed out to a local park to help Andy and Amy with the Youth Group's Fall Kick-Off from church. We organized a game of ultimate frisbee, and it was my team vs. Emily's team. It was a great time, and I must say, Emily did an amazing job of inspiring her team out there. The game was followed up with some pizza and singing/devotions. What a great way to spend a perfect Sunday night.

The work week is now back in full swing, and life is busy. However, last night we found ourselves on the couch... both reading, both reading Newbery Medal Winners, and both reading Lois Lowry. Emily reading "The Giver" (because it is one of my favorite children's books if not thee favorite, and I have been trying to get her to read it for a long time). I was reading "Number the Stars." I am getting back to my quest of reading all the Newbery Medal Winners (that are still in print).

So whether it was looking after them, playing frisbee with them, teaching them, delivering them, or reading books that were designed for them... the YOUTH is what has shaped us for the past few days!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

partner in crime.

my laundry helper...

ohh, what would i do without him?!

he's a keeper.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

we remember...

We love, miss and remember...

you are not forgotten
your legacy lives on

with love,
jim & em

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Phelps, dolphin, or Hapner?

"his lean six-foot-four, 195-pound frame, flipperlike size-14 feet, six-foot-seven-inch wingspan, and extra-long torso"

Michael Phelps...


James Hapner?

I'll let you decide.

their physique is near identical, their frame, wingspan, weight, is if only jim could get past the darn doggy paddle...

London 2012.

see you then.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

from sarah, with love.

hellloooo all! sarah here. after many pleads and a fair amount of nagging from various family members, i have finally decided to post my annual blog. just in time too, seeing as i am leaving tomorrow to go back to good 'ole MI.
i have been here in NC for the past 10 days, hanging out with em and jim. we've had lots of fun planting bean fields, cheering on america's golden boy (michael phelps, of course), and just recently, trying to get the newest addition of their family to stay awake. one thing we've learned is that bentley, not unlike emily, loves his naps...
we also went camping sunday night till tuesday morning. we roughed it and slept in a tent. we enjoyed all the camping favorites around the fire...hobo pies, doughboys, and lots and lots of s'mores. :)
jim also played the part of superman...killing 2 black widows, a tick, and a bee ALL in the same day. wow, what a stud.
proof of the superman like behavior....

(Click on the picture and you can see the red hour glass)
so, all in all, its been a wonderful visit. i love spending time with em and jim..and now bentley too. but of course, i can't wait to get home and see all my family and friends. especially you, mom. ;) love you!

a few more pictures from our camping extravaganza...

that's all from me! until next year....adios!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The 12th of August

Today marked the end of our camping adventure at Falls Lake, and it was a blast. I would like to go into more details, but we have way cooler news to share.

We packed up our gear from camping early this morning and were out before 10 because we had a lot of work to do back at the apartment before the highly anticipated arrival of......... BENTLEY! (our new puppy, not the car).

He is great! Here are some pictures to show you the newest addition.

part poodle + part golden retriever= a non-shedding, intellingent, and God-willing frisbee catching beast. our life is complete...for now.

yep, we're hooked.
weighing in at 14lbs and 8 oz...he's going to be a big pup.all tuckered was quite a day-a plane ride from Oklahoma, and vet visit and hours of playing...both sar and bentley fell asleep on the floor...

more to come...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ancestral game of Bocce Ball

While Emily was working today, Sarah and I took our inspiration for the Olympics outside for our own little duel.

Our discipline of choice... Bocce Ball. Seeing how we couldn't both be the USA, we decided to play for our ancestors. Sarah representing the Dutch, and me representing the Germans. It was a fierce battle, one in which words were often exchanged. The Germans took off to a demanding lead, until the Dutch found that lucky touch. The Dutch stormed ahead to a 19-15 lead, only 2 points away from a gold medal... the first for the country in its history! However, the Germans were by no means going to let the Dutch just walk over them. On the next round, the Germans gained 2 points... which brought them to only 2 points behind the mighty Dutch and brought a little glimmer of hope for victory. The battle was finally decided on the next round. The Germans stole all 4 points of the round and stunned the bewildered Dutch 21-19 to win the gold medal (first ever medal for Germany in the event). As previously mentioned, there were words exchanged during the match. The words holding the most worth now, was a confident statement made by the then leading Dutch. "The loser has to buy the winner Sonic!" Personally, I think it was that statement that truly inspired the downtrodden German team. It was a match for the ages (and hopefully you will see it on ESPN Classics soon), and a story that shall be passed down from generation to generation... How the Germans came out of no where to shock the Bocce Ball World!

Here are some pictures that helped us document the day.

Taken when the Dutch finally found that lucky touch.

The infamous German Granny throw.

The round that ended the championship (yes, the Germans were using the green balls).

The aforementioned "bewildered Dutch" team after it was all said and done with.

Maybe for the next Olympics, Germany will let me carry in the flag.....

What a great afternoon so far... but now its off to Sonic!!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

800 mile memories

We're back from up north... Michigan was wonderful. We enjoyed many family get togethers, outings with friends, a noteworthy performance by team "Nuts & Honey" at the annual wiffle ball tournament, and much-much more. Goodbyes were tough, but hopefully we convinced a few people to come visit before we trek back to the great mitten state come December!

Sarah [my sister!] made the long drive back to NC with us and will be staying till the 15th...hooray! I'm sure she'll make her annual post later...but I thought I should chime in to let y'all know we're back-safe and sound-and missing you already!

Here are a few pictures of our new apartment!

Dining room
ps. notice anything suspicious in the left hand corner?!
more to come on our newest addition, due to arrive on Tuesdy!

Living room with [fireplace!]
2nd view of living room

GUEST bathroom
[come visit and YOU too can use it!]

We have so many pictures to post and memories to share...hopefully in the days to come Jim and Sar will get on the bloggin' bandwagon too.

till we write again...