Sunday, June 1, 2008

june bug.

the weekend is wrapping up, so here is our recap:

friday night-pistons game and ice-cream with Brit. After working 12 hours i made it till 11 before crashing-[much like the pistons]. that, my friend is an accomplishment.

saturday morning: 2am. phone call: rick. julie was in labor and they were on the way to the hospital. ecstatic, we said a prayer for julie and the baby's health and rick's wellbeing. then, i made jim take the laptop to bed to search for plane tickets home.

$400 each. sad. i suggested getting up and making the drive.

sometimes it's a good thing one of us is a bit grounded, disciplined...and down right realistic. because if it was up to me i would have been out the door in a flash.

back to sleep.

saturday: a day of "to-do's", which got put on hold due to pure excitement. [and really, how could we have gone apartment shopping...what IF the cell phone rang?!]

saturday: 2:30pm. ah, at last...rick's picture flashed across jim's cell phone. the ring was music to our ears.

EVAN RICHARD HAPNER. born saturday, may 31 at 1:56pm weighing in at 7lbs 6 oz 21 inches long. whoohooooo!

then, off to hiking with Andy, Amy and Josiah Wood-friends from church. i learned that the lyrics, "i'd like to check you for ticks" by brad paisley, is a realty in the great state of north carolina. not only do we have snakes...but we have ticks [somedays michigan sounds better and better:) Andy found one on their dog bella and graciously showed me what they look like...

we grilled out with the wood's and greatly enjoyed their company. red wine, yuengling, hamburgers fresh off the grill, and ice-cream pie for dessert-heavenly.

today: with temps in the 90's [hellooo summer!] we went to church and then enjoyed the blessings of air conditioning.

and...that wraps it up. thanks for tuning in!

anticipated blog entry for the upcoming week:

Monday: green hope field day: by jh

be on the lookout.

love. em

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