Monday, June 2, 2008

First is the worst, Second is the best

Well, according to the title, my team (the team that I was leading for Mrs. Shears who was out of town) was the best today. We put it all on the line, but we finished in 2nd. The trophy shall reign supreme in a 5th grade classroom for the next year, but it will not be Mrs. Shears.

Rewind to earlier in the morning: It started out as a gorgeous day, and I thought we we're in for a perfect field day, one with weather that we could brag about to y'all in Michigan. Well, just in case it got warmer, I threw some khaki shorts in my car.

Fast forward back to the afternoon: When the time came to go outside for the start of the field day competition, the weather had changed... a lot! The sun was bearing down and the breeze only ducked in and out of the tall pine tree surrounding the fields.

I changed into my shorts and tennis shoes before heading outside with the 5th graders. I walked out the doors and quickly flipped down my sunglasses transporting me into a polarized world of black. The heat soon greeted my body... rudely at that. Before I knew it, I was sweating, yelling (at the kids), cheering (for the kids) and having a great time.

By the time the games were over, I headed back inside right in time to hear the PA announcement for car riders to be dismissed. As I walked back to my room, I received a few comments about how hot I looked from teachers who were not outside all afternoon. I took them in stride and laughed. Then came the kicker... coming up the hallway was a student from the 4h grade. "Mr. Hapner! You're Fried! How'd you get so red?" I quickly explained and then headed to the bathroom to see this apparent sunburn. Wow, there it was. I was quite red... kind of forgot about sunscreen today.

After school, Emily and I headed out to N. Raleigh to look at an apartment. We stopped, looked, and applied. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly, and we'll be in our new apartment by the end of the month.

The evening closed with me having my end of the year celebration with other beginning teachers and our mentor teachers. It was fun and full of laughs.

Now, the Red Wings are on and Emily is reading The Giver by Lois Lowry (after months and months of me trying to convince her how good it is).

Well that is all for now. Go Wings!


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