Monday, May 26, 2008


Here's a peek into our weekend:

Saturday: Jim-apartment shopped. [uneventful]
Emily-worked. [eventful-crazy busy-lots of babies]

Sunday: church, 6-mile hike @ Umstead State Park, in which we spotted 3 snakes-one of which was about 5 feet long and 5 inches in circumference, and one of which sounded like a rattlesnake.
we ended the day playing tennis and devouring chocolate shakes. delightful.

Today: we had high hopes of a kayak adventure, but upon our arrival to the park we quickly learned the rest of the town had the same aspirations-no more kayaks. sad. Good thing jim never leaves home without his frisbee. so frisbee and a walk in the park it was-followed by tennis once again. we grilled out for dinner....which brings us to the present...

a new work week is approaching. oh, where does time go?

we hope and pray that you too had a relaxing memorial day weekend...

with love,

ps. here are a few pics from our hiking adventure:

jim's perch.
my perch [jim's was cooler]
quick break before the homestretch.
i spy....


the end.
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Anonymous said...

Jim, your back is soaked! Did you fall in the water or do you have massive sweat glands?