Sunday, May 18, 2008


i love sleep-in, kick-back, no agenda, yet productive, entertaining and relaxing, good friends, delicious food, gorgeous weather, energetic, yet nap-worthy, kind of saturdays....

and this was one.

we went apartment shopping [no house this year...]and after looking at two places we surrendered to something a bit more entertaining...

off to strawberry picking it was.

[and muddy]

but more important: incredible delectable.

ta-dah. here's the evidence. all 8 lbs worth.

well, half of it...jim ate the rest.

perfect day.

caught red-handed.
grocery shopping-done.
house cleaning-done.
strawberry shortcake-devoured.
homemade pizza-check.
reunion with John Germanceri [Jim's college roommate]-and hours of wii fun-check, check.

ohh! happy day.

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