Tuesday, May 6, 2008

in a blink of an eye

'We're back home after a whirlwind of a Grand Rapids adventure. It was wonderful time and we accomplished just about everything we set out to do. We watched Sarah in action at numerous tennis matches. Quite impressive, she definitely made us proud! We were also able to watch the Mustangs of Northpointe Christian High School and their fearless coach [Rick Hapner] as they secured another "W". We celebrated my parent's 30th anniversary with my extended family-always a good time with endless entertainment [check out pictures and the video below] Sunday we gathered with Rick, Julie and Kristin and partook in an amazing dinner and then laughed up the afternoon with pictionary and the bean game. We were also able to spend time with numerous friends and catch up on life [priceless memories]...

Every time we go back we're reminded on how grateful we are for family and friends and even more so how much we miss all of you. However, when we returned to 70-80 degree weather, we were reminded how much we love it here. It's always such an emotional roller-coaster [at least for me] when we go back to Michigan. I love catching up with friends/family just where we left off....but, it's also a reality of all we're missing. However, we are truly grateful to experience life in the south and sincerely enjoy it. It just will take time to adjust to the real world once again...

Here are a few pictures of the past weekend:

Sailor Tennis.
is that maria sharapova?!?

LOVE. 30 years.

The Fam. simply hilarious
generation of love, commitment and pure joy. ???

My cousin Eliza's rendition of Elvis...and i quote:
"thank you, thank you very much
this one is for the ladies..."
[sorry, you'll have to tilt your head. but, make sure to turn your volume up!]

Thanks for all the laughs this weekend! Loving and praying for you all. As you think of us, prayers are appreciated as we continue to search for a house! Also, for Jim's numerous upcoming parent meetings, my mom's health, and adjustment to life here. many thanks. much love.


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