Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Intentions

So here I am sitting on the couch... piles of IEP (Individualized Education Plan--Special Ed. stuff) paperwork sitting beside me. I have this IEP meeting tomorrow morning... the 3rd this week. I need to go over it all, and make sure I'm ready to go.. but yet here I am typing up a blog instead. The Pistons game is way too close right now to turn it off... and Emily is already in bed preparing for another day at the hospital (so I don't have to turn it to HGTV). I guess this is what I get for procrastinating.

I thought maybe when I got out of college and faced my first real, no way out, deadlines... that procrastination would go by the wayside. I stand corrected at this very moment. I have already reinstated my procrastination techniques of college after only 10 months of teaching. However, instead of playing Halo 2 or going to the gym to play some 3 on 3 or launching water balloons from the church roof....I surf the web and write in blogs. I watch sports on TV and realize how the professional teams here are nothing to brag about. I beg Emily to go play tennis, go for a walk, go geocaching... or even play Scrabble. I might pick up the Wii remote and play a baseball game and get a victory for the Tigers (who are currently riding a 3 game winning streak), or maybe I'll bowl a game or two. --By this time, my backpack (yes my backpack), is put away under the desk until the following morning (nothing taken out since I got home). I head to school the next morning and ponder the whole way there (while listening to Mike & Mike in the Morning) about what happened to the night last night that I was unable to do the work I swore I would make time for. I teach on the fly. I schedule last minute. I leave when the bell rings to get home, to get out of school to do my paperwork and planning in a neutral site... but alas, the aforementioned process starts all over again. I had good intentions, truly, I did!

Well I gotta go, the Pistons are losing their lead... oh yeah, and that paperwork next to me......


DISCLAIMER: I do not always teach on the fly. I always have my plans for at least a few days in advance... but as a teacher, teaching on the fly is just something you need to be able to do. I do not schedule last minute on all occasions, I usually give a week's notice. And, I do not play two games of bowling... it is one game at the most.

Oh and one more thing-- Congrats to my friend Rachel for her good news in the world of education~ We shall soon be swapping teaching stories again!


Alan said...

I bet if you got rid of cable and gave your wii to me, you'd have a lot more time to do your school work

rachel said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out Jim!

Maybe you're just one of those people who needs pressure to get things done. You work better at the last minute. Oooorrrr - you could just be a procrastinator. :) I hear the two go hand in hand.

Good luck wrapping up the school year!! :)