Saturday, May 31, 2008

baby EVAN!

At last! We have gained the title of Aunt and Uncle! A huge congrats to Rick and Julie as baby Evan [weighing in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long]... made his debut this afternoon. Here are a few pictures of the little guy-thanks to Kristin. Adorable, eh? We definitely think so!

may the spoiling begin...

Monday, May 26, 2008


Here's a peek into our weekend:

Saturday: Jim-apartment shopped. [uneventful]
Emily-worked. [eventful-crazy busy-lots of babies]

Sunday: church, 6-mile hike @ Umstead State Park, in which we spotted 3 snakes-one of which was about 5 feet long and 5 inches in circumference, and one of which sounded like a rattlesnake.
we ended the day playing tennis and devouring chocolate shakes. delightful.

Today: we had high hopes of a kayak adventure, but upon our arrival to the park we quickly learned the rest of the town had the same aspirations-no more kayaks. sad. Good thing jim never leaves home without his frisbee. so frisbee and a walk in the park it was-followed by tennis once again. we grilled out for dinner....which brings us to the present...

a new work week is approaching. oh, where does time go?

we hope and pray that you too had a relaxing memorial day weekend...

with love,

ps. here are a few pics from our hiking adventure:

jim's perch.
my perch [jim's was cooler]
quick break before the homestretch.
i spy....


the end.
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Intentions

So here I am sitting on the couch... piles of IEP (Individualized Education Plan--Special Ed. stuff) paperwork sitting beside me. I have this IEP meeting tomorrow morning... the 3rd this week. I need to go over it all, and make sure I'm ready to go.. but yet here I am typing up a blog instead. The Pistons game is way too close right now to turn it off... and Emily is already in bed preparing for another day at the hospital (so I don't have to turn it to HGTV). I guess this is what I get for procrastinating.

I thought maybe when I got out of college and faced my first real, no way out, deadlines... that procrastination would go by the wayside. I stand corrected at this very moment. I have already reinstated my procrastination techniques of college after only 10 months of teaching. However, instead of playing Halo 2 or going to the gym to play some 3 on 3 or launching water balloons from the church roof....I surf the web and write in blogs. I watch sports on TV and realize how the professional teams here are nothing to brag about. I beg Emily to go play tennis, go for a walk, go geocaching... or even play Scrabble. I might pick up the Wii remote and play a baseball game and get a victory for the Tigers (who are currently riding a 3 game winning streak), or maybe I'll bowl a game or two. --By this time, my backpack (yes my backpack), is put away under the desk until the following morning (nothing taken out since I got home). I head to school the next morning and ponder the whole way there (while listening to Mike & Mike in the Morning) about what happened to the night last night that I was unable to do the work I swore I would make time for. I teach on the fly. I schedule last minute. I leave when the bell rings to get home, to get out of school to do my paperwork and planning in a neutral site... but alas, the aforementioned process starts all over again. I had good intentions, truly, I did!

Well I gotta go, the Pistons are losing their lead... oh yeah, and that paperwork next to me......


DISCLAIMER: I do not always teach on the fly. I always have my plans for at least a few days in advance... but as a teacher, teaching on the fly is just something you need to be able to do. I do not schedule last minute on all occasions, I usually give a week's notice. And, I do not play two games of bowling... it is one game at the most.

Oh and one more thing-- Congrats to my friend Rachel for her good news in the world of education~ We shall soon be swapping teaching stories again!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


i love sleep-in, kick-back, no agenda, yet productive, entertaining and relaxing, good friends, delicious food, gorgeous weather, energetic, yet nap-worthy, kind of saturdays....

and this was one.

we went apartment shopping [no house this year...]and after looking at two places we surrendered to something a bit more entertaining...

off to strawberry picking it was.

[and muddy]

but more important: incredible delectable.

ta-dah. here's the evidence. all 8 lbs worth.

well, half of it...jim ate the rest.

perfect day.

caught red-handed.
grocery shopping-done.
house cleaning-done.
strawberry shortcake-devoured.
homemade pizza-check.
reunion with John Germanceri [Jim's college roommate]-and hours of wii fun-check, check.

ohh! happy day.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

good news all around.

Mom's home and all is well.
Just thought I would pass the good news on....


CONGRATS to the SCHS Varsity Girls Tennis Team for qualifying for STATE FINALS!

good work girls on a job well done!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

prayers [thanks].

Just a quick prayer request: my mom is in the hospital tonight. The antibiotics she was on reacted with her blood thinners, which has left her blood way too thin. Doctors felt it was best to keep her overnight to monitor the blood levels-[i personally just think she needs to be bubble wrapped for her protection!] Overall she is doing well, but her labs are just out-of-whack. Your prayers are appreciated! Also, the new heart med has been making her extremely nauseated, hopefully she'll get a good dose of IV fluids and antiemetics and will come home a new women!

Thanks for checking in!

Monday, May 12, 2008

mum's the word...

I worked all weekend and it was great...slowest 2 days since i started at Rex...we only had 2 patients for much of yesterday, which is simply unheard of! i guess it's just not popular to have a mother's day baby?! who knows...

we've had crazy weather here in NC, tornado watches 2 times this week and storms galore-hail included.

i love storm-gazing. it's by far one of my favorite childhood memories, many thanks to my dad's fascination. when i was young the bonthuis clan would pile into the family van and my dad would drive us around to watch the sky glow with each strike of kids would lay on our backs looking up and we would ooooohhh and ahhhh, as if we were watching 4th of July fireworks. priceless...

now, back to the present: the house search continues...without any success. it's been difficult to find a neighborhood we like with more than .1 acre of land and with a tree in sight. i hate this zero lot line business...but, with a booming area, land is rare and a pretty penny! We're continuing to search out options and are attempting to wait patiently...

i have 2 days off and am truly enjoying it. Except, it's time to kill the army of ants that has invaded our kitchen.

and with that, it's time to sign off.
with love, em

PS. Happy belated Mother's Day! We love you Moms...and miss you so much...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

in a blink of an eye

'We're back home after a whirlwind of a Grand Rapids adventure. It was wonderful time and we accomplished just about everything we set out to do. We watched Sarah in action at numerous tennis matches. Quite impressive, she definitely made us proud! We were also able to watch the Mustangs of Northpointe Christian High School and their fearless coach [Rick Hapner] as they secured another "W". We celebrated my parent's 30th anniversary with my extended family-always a good time with endless entertainment [check out pictures and the video below] Sunday we gathered with Rick, Julie and Kristin and partook in an amazing dinner and then laughed up the afternoon with pictionary and the bean game. We were also able to spend time with numerous friends and catch up on life [priceless memories]...

Every time we go back we're reminded on how grateful we are for family and friends and even more so how much we miss all of you. However, when we returned to 70-80 degree weather, we were reminded how much we love it here. It's always such an emotional roller-coaster [at least for me] when we go back to Michigan. I love catching up with friends/family just where we left off....but, it's also a reality of all we're missing. However, we are truly grateful to experience life in the south and sincerely enjoy it. It just will take time to adjust to the real world once again...

Here are a few pictures of the past weekend:

Sailor Tennis.
is that maria sharapova?!?

LOVE. 30 years.

The Fam. simply hilarious
generation of love, commitment and pure joy. ???

My cousin Eliza's rendition of Elvis...and i quote:
"thank you, thank you very much
this one is for the ladies..."
[sorry, you'll have to tilt your head. but, make sure to turn your volume up!]

Thanks for all the laughs this weekend! Loving and praying for you all. As you think of us, prayers are appreciated as we continue to search for a house! Also, for Jim's numerous upcoming parent meetings, my mom's health, and adjustment to life here. many thanks. much love.