Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We truly are... in Tarheel country!

Here is a sports update for all you avid readers.... sorry, not much of a life update this time.

So the final four is set and UNC is looking strong. The news down here is revolving around the "Amazing Tarheels" and Tyler Hansbrough. Personally, I'm pulling for Memphis. However, Emily and I did head to UNC to watch the game into the Final Four at a friend's dorm. Once the final buzzer sounded, students came pouring out of their dorm rooms yelling, screaming, and clapping. This went on for about 5-10 minutes. In the middle of this time frame though, a chant of "Tar.... Heels" broke out between two dorms on opposite sides of the courtyard. I must say it was pretty cool to see and hear all the hype going on (I even partook with yelling "Tar"), but I'm still not about to change my loyalties.

More importantly, yesterday was opening day. I watched the game on MLB.TV on my computer (thanks dad). Emily took a nap on the couch as I cheered and jeered over an 11 inning game that saw huge pluses and yet, a few concerns too. Although Cabrera had an error, he made up for it with a HR. I must say I am surprised to see that the Tigs lost to the Royals yesterday, but hey, a record of 161-1 won't be bad either. At least Verlander didn't get a loss! Speaking of Verlander, some of the kids in the fifth grade at Green Hope have told me I look like him. I was quite surprised when I first heard them say it because these kids are all Yankees or Red Sox fans.... but I guess I have a whole nother season of people saying "Hey, has anyone every told you that you look like Justin Verlander from the Tigers..." Although a majority of the students and staff are fans of the Red Sox or Yankees, I have a 3rd grade girl in a reading group who is a big fan of the Tigers... it is great!

Now... we travel in a world of fantasy. Fantasy sports that is.

I am currently in the playoffs for my basketball league. I am the number one seed, but I am trailing to the number 5 seed right now (I know, it is embarrassing), but I will overcome that.

I just drafted my baseball team (actually the computer drafted it for me, but whatever). I have a few solid players, but my pitching staff is looking pretty weak... I might even lose to Alan, and Mr. Red Sox himself, Adam (yes Alan, you should let Adam know he has made it in the blog... its a big step).

As far as my college basketball brackets, I have some catching up to do. My best bracket is up on Facebook. I currently lead all of my friends, and all my teams are alive. I am in 5,000 place overall, but can easily move up if Memphis wins and UNC wins... and then Memphis beats them. That is a lot of 'ifs' though.

I think that is all I have for the wonderful world of sports today.

So I end with saying.

GO TIGERS! (both Detroit and Memphis versions)

Oh and a quick personal update for all you non-sport fans.

I have just started my three week track out! It is glorious...
Emily is working as I type.... It is Glor... (it is a shame that she, too, can't be on a break with me)

Okay, that pretty much sums us up right now I guess.

Take care everyone!


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Alan said...

great stuff Jim, next Thursday we'll have to watch the BoSox loose to the Tigers