Saturday, April 5, 2008

cause i had a bad day...

Some things are just too good to be true....and sadly we're hitting our series of unfortunate events this weekend...
first off. Skybus. our fearless airline....flew their last flights today...because they filed BANKRUPTCY!

we're suppose to be flying on Skybus in 11 days to go to Florida AND I booked a flight with them home in June.

...and our reimbursement is questionable.

I KNEW $10 tickets were too good to be true. sadly, we found out $210 later.

secondly. my phone rang at 5:15 this morning. normally, i would be irritated when my phone rings at the crack of dawn [or before 10!] but, I was suppose to work at 7 and the phone call could only mean one didn't need me!

Ah, music to my ears. So, back to sleep we went...until I was greeted by another phone call. This time I was silently praying it was just my mother/father with a witty Saturday morning greeting. But, no....without fail....more little ones decided it was their time to make their entrance into this world....and my hands were needed at work. So, up and at um. [but, i AM grateful for those extra hours of sleep] top it off, Detroit Tigers are 0-5 and currently the worst team in the MLB.

it's been a rough 24 hours, but nothing a little mexican food, a glass of wine...a blanket and a good night's rest can't cure.

tomorrow will be a better day, and perhaps the sun will even shine.

on a positive note:

-we DO leave for Florida in 11 days. can't wait. [we'll get there somehow.]
-Val and Alan are visiting this week. a blessed reunion it will be.
-i don't have to work Sunday. a day of rest-indeed.
-UNC is making a comeback right now-go tarheels.

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