Tuesday, March 18, 2008

two more days to the work week

Well this morning started early with the alarms going off a little before 6. Reluctantly we both got out of bed, Emily a little faster than me (because she had to). I got up and made her breakfast... a.k.a. poured some cereal in a baggy. I saw her off, and then put on some coffee. I sat on the couch, drinking my coffee, and finished up the paperwork for an IEP meeting I was going to have after school. I then got ready for school and I was on my way.

I took a detour on my way into school (through the playground) and walked up the kids at "early arrivals" (the kids get dropped off by parents around 7:30... kids can enter the school when the bell rings at 8:45, just to put that time in perspective), and joined in on a game of kickball for 10 minutes or so until the bell rang. After I discovered my long last talents, I decided I should join Justin (teacher at school) in his adult kickball league. haha, or maybe not...

The morning started with the Iowa Basics. So I read directions from a book and then sat quietly watching students fill in bubbles... it sure was exciting. On a side note, when I was a student taking the Iowas, I always thought it was ridiculous that the teacher read the directions word for word from a booklet. It was like I could quote what the teacher would say before she said it. Well, now I have become that teacher; "We are now going to take the test for reading. Please find reading: part 1 on page 6. Read the directions on the top of the page to yourself as I read them aloud. They say..." Wow, who would have thought!

The day ended with the afore mentioned IEP meeting. It went well, and now it is only 2 more days till the end of the work week, for me.

I got home and decided to watch the news. However, when I turned on the tv, instead of the news, the memorial service for Eve Carson was on. For those of you who don't know, she was the student body president at UNC who was killed 2 weeks ago. The story is tragic, and the memorial service was tough to watch and I didn't even know her, it was quite powerful. The things people were saying about her made me realize how sad this story really is. She was all about helping others and fixing the problems of this world. She was doing an amazing job at that until her life was cut short. It is a sad story to say the least.

When the news came, I watched for a few minutes before heading out for a run. Wow, I'm out of shape... haha. That is all I'll say about that.

Alright well I'm off to play some MLB 2k8 on the Wii... thank you Kristin for the endless entertainment!! (emily might disagree, but she is being very supportive!).

Have a splendid evening everyone!


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Anonymous said...


You really should think about calling in sick or something on Friday to watch some b-ball. Hope all is well in NC.

Go Temple,