Monday, March 3, 2008

Signs of SPRING!

We have visitors!!! John & Leah [Hoekstra] Baldauff are here! They flew in Saturday morning and are staying with us till Thursday. The weather has been wonderful [sunny and in the 70's] and we have been blessed by their company. We have spent the majority of our time exploring the parks, geocaching, and site seeing. Here are a few pictures of the last few days.

We found the treasure!

Now where? On to the next "cache"
Feeding the ducks at Lake Johnson on Sunday afternoon

Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Spring is in full bloom!
LOVE him.
love her! Scary looking, none the less...
Duke's chapel. and a picture perfect blue sky. Breathtaking.

enjoying the colors of spring.

Thanks for faithfully checking in with our blog. We love and miss you all [terribly....]
Are you sure you don't want to move here?!?!

be blessed.


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Valerie said...

It was so great to see the pictures of spring flowers! Hope to see them soon back in Michigan.