Thursday, March 27, 2008

back track. singing with the stars.

rejected. desolate. homeless. hungry. uneducated....orphans.

these are the individuals that compose the african children's choir.

now, hopeful. nourished. educated. disciplined. disciples. and ambassadors for africa.

awe inspiring. these children came from the poverished and AIDS stricken lands of Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. they have experienced more heartaches and despair then most of us will in a lifetime. Yet, they have hope. They inspire to be teachers, pilots, midwives, doctors and musicians...and they are given to opportunity to do so with the help of the african children's choir. These children tour all over the globe bringing awareness of the desolate reality of their homelands, as well as joy and a celebration of their culture through song and dance. By doing so, they raise money that will in turn educate them and generations to come...for they are africa's future.

they were hilarious and truly talented. the you-tube video is slightly blurry, but it will give you a glimpse of what we heard last week. enjoy.

for more information go to:

peace. em

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