Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today, a couple guys from school and I got together to watch the ACC tournament. We went over to one of the guy’s house and just hung out all afternoon. Now you might think, well that sounds like a nice relaxing afternoon. Well, actually it was quite the opposite. People in this area take college basketball extremely serious. I had no idea one of the guys was such a huge UNC fan, but he let me know during the UNC and Virginia Tech. game. Emotions ran high and colorful words were used most of the game as UNC trailed until the last two minutes (he was going crazy, but he made the game much more exciting to watch). Luckily the Tar Heels pulled out a victory, in the final second, otherwise I’m not sure what would have happened. The second game on the slate was between Duke and Clemson. One thing I have discovered is that people love to see Duke lose. Fans of any school in the area (besides Duke of course) have one thing in common… the HATE Duke. It is just like Michigan and Ohio State. However, the school and fans are separated by about 20 minutes. I’ve had multiple people tell me that watching Duke lose is almost better than watching their team win. Crazy. Anyways, Duke ended up losing to Clemson creating even more excitement in the house.

We took a break when the first game finished and threw the football around for awhile. It was a warm day with gray clouds casting down. We headed back inside when we presumed the second game was about to begin. However, about five minutes later a neighbor (who saw us playing football in the street earlier) came over and knocked on the door. He asked if we’d be interested in playing some cornhole (bean bag game). We headed over to his backyard and set up the boards. I impressed the neighbor when I said I had played before and my first couple of throws were ringers. I told him I made a set back when I was in Michigan, he then said “Oh yeah, up north they play cornhole all the time… its hardcore, like religion. It was great fun though, and this guy was quite good himself. Anwyays, we played about 5 games until the gray clouds opened and the rains came down. Good times none the less.

I just got home a few minutes ago, and now Emily just walked in the door from work so I guess it is time to go. I hope everything is going well in Michigan.

Go Heels... I guess


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