Sunday, January 20, 2008


Temps Plummet After Snowfall
Current Regional Temps

"A mass of Arctic air blasted into Central North Carolina on Sunday, causing daytime temperatures to plummet and threatening to freeze puddles and standing water left by Saturday's winter storm". -WRAL News

Dear friends,
As you can see from the local news story, NC has a different perception of "arctic" and winter "storm"...we received 1/10th of an inch of snow yesterday and as a result over 300 churches were closed this morning! We just had to laugh at the mayhem of the town when winter strikes! Thankfully, we still have snow scrapers and we survived the madness. May you have a blessed Sunday. With Love, Jim & Em

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy 2008.

Almost a month has passed since our last which we apologize. But, hopefully this will catch everyone up on our highs (& lows) of the past 30 days....

We celebrated a quiet and relaxing Christmas day and incorporated many of our own family traditions, while starting some of our own. We couldn't resist the Bonthuis tradition of mimosas and cinnamon rolls (which weren't nearly as good as Grandma's homemade tea-ring), but none the less, quite enjoyable. We opened gifts-and modeled all our newly acquired possessions, just as if we were at the Hapner household....and then we enjoyed a large turkey dinner, complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy....and good 'ole Southern corn bread. Delightful....

Our day ended by completing our "Christmas movie marathon" watching The Polar Express. The following night we went to watch "A White Christmas" on Broadway. It was an phenomenal show, and had us singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas", "Sisters" and "Counting my Blessings" through the first week or two of January.

On Dec. 28th we traveled to Ohio for Jim's dad's wedding and were able to spend time with his family. It was a quick trip and we returned home on the 30th.

New Years was uneventful...and I worked quite a bit...leaving Jim to watch the ball drop by his lonesome.

We had VISITORS! on Jan. 3-5. Justin and Laura, friends from Spring Arbor, spent a few days here before traveling on to Charlotte. good times...

Our next trip quickly approached us and we left for Michigan on Jan. 10. It was great to see our family/friends once again...unfortunately our trip home quickly came to an end and we returned to NC on the 15th....which takes us to the present....

Work continues to go well....busy, but good. Jim is enjoying his final days of his break before starting his next 9-week stretch.

Today we got our first experience of the brutal winter storms of NC. There were talks about freezing rain being possible in the morning which of course caused schools to close the night before, just in case...

There was a light snow fall in the early early morning, but it quickly changed to rain. Jim's school was delayed for 2 hours... because of rain? Well, we're not exactly sure why. It is a little different down here when it comes to "inclement" weather.

Well, thanks for checking in....back to watching The Incredibles.

love! em


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