Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh Little Child of....Uganda?!?

Today we "adopted" Griffin, a 4 year-old boy from Uganda! We are sponsoring him through World Vision and are quite ecstatic about it.

That is Griffin... isn't he a cutie (says Emily)... she can't wait to go visit him someday.... but those plans are not yet in the works.

Life otherwise has been quite busy for us. Emily is continuing in her 12 hours work days which seem even longer when she leaves before me and gets home after me. Teaching is going alright, actually teaching is going good... it is all the grades and writing all the present levels of performance for all of my students and trying to schedule and hold IEP meetings before the holiday break that is only going alright. That is another thing I am not used to, the "Holiday Break." It has always been Christmas break until this year, my first in a public school. It is interesting to see and hear just how many different holidays are observed in the school but it is weird that we can't have Christmas parties or wish the students a Merry Christmas... unless you include the other holidays as well.

Now for some other updates of what we have been up to these past few weeks.

Basically we are just working, hanging out and searching for churches. And I think I speak for both Emily and myself when I say we are sick of "church shopping." I really didn't think it would be a big deal when we came out here to find a new church, but it has proven to be one of the most difficult things for us to do.

The weather out here has been quite unusual for us. Yesterday was 81... yes 81 degress. Today was 76 and tomorrow is supposed to be 80 degrees. Emily and I have dusted off the tennis rackets and played a few matches (last night being the most recent match). The kids and a couple teachers at school have brought the shorts back out... and everyone seems to be enjoying the weather (which is unusual for them as well, it is usually only about 50-60 degrees at this time of the year).

This past Sunday Emily and I went to a play "The Christmas Story" (yes this was based on the movie with Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB gun.... You'll shoot your eye out!). It was put on by the Cary Players Theater and they did a great job. It was interesting to compare the play to the movie... and I was pointing things out left and right to Emily b/c I have seen the movie so many times as I'm sure many of you have as well.

We also now have our Christmas tree up and decorated... To give you a little background on the tree situation down here...........................the trees are absolutely pathetic and unbelievably expensive. We went to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree... but the trees were $75 or more for a tree that looked like a larger version of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. We went to 4 different farms and discovered the same nonsense at every one. We finally bought our tree from Lowes for a similar price that we would have payed to get a great tree (that we could cut down ourselves) from Hearts Christmas Tree Farm in Rockford. So for all of you non-NC people... you can chalk one up for Michigan in the area of Christmas trees (and then subtract 5 points for snowy weather right now).

Other than that, life has not been too exciting for us. We both apologize for the lack of writing in the blog... but it gets put on the back burner sometimes. We will continue to try being more faithful updaters...

I hope you all have been doing well, take care and stay healthy in the cold weather!


Oh and most importantly.... the Detroit Tigers. WOW. I am excited for the upcoming season, that's all I'll say. However, I am a little disappointed that I will not be able to head out to Comerica Park to watch Mr. Cabrera and Mr. Willis join forces with the now strongest team in the AL Central... if not the AL... if not the MLB. GO TIGS!!


Kristin said...

Thanks for the update. You're going to love sponsoring a child! I have sponsored one for the last year or so. I love getting letters and drawings from her. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!

Jim Leyland said...

and then + 20 points for snow days and another 50 for being able to watch the tigers on regular television.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your adoption!!!! He's a cutie. I know you will make wonderful parents. When can you take him home with you? I hope you are enjoying your "Christmas" season. Take care. Gram