Monday, November 5, 2007

Yes, we know we're slacking...

Hello everyone.

Here is the latest update from our lives. We are aren't exciting people, so we worked, ate food, slept, watched movies, went shopping and watched football.

What is that not good enough for you?? Fine, then heres the highlights from the wonderful weekend of sports. The weekend began with a fantastic win by the University of Michigan Wolverines against some no name team also from Michigan. Then the Lions won yet another game... giving the fans a sense of hope. The Patriots were also victorious in their battle with the Colts lead by the Michigan alumni Tom Brady. The Pistons ended the first week of the season at 3-0 and are promising another successful season. The Red Wings are now 11-2 and are dominating the league. Oh and the Tigers... they signed Edgar Renteria for the 2008 season. Sad news though, closer Joel Zumaya is out until mid-season as he injured his shoulder moving stuff out of his home in California due to the fires.... ( or at least thats the rumor going around on how he hurt himself... others say it was something else). You can research more if you like.

However, not everything in sports is looking up. My fantasy football team is staggering. I have a laughable record of 3-4 and I'm on the verge of losing again this week. I did, however, just draft my NBA fantasy team and I am excited to see what comes of the boys on "Tacoby Bellsbury."

Back to real life... I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the snowy weather. It sounds nice... but highly unlikely out here in NC with the 65 degree weather. But hey, I guess we can't have it all.

Well I should go now, but I just wanted to give you an update.... even if it wasn't about us at all.

Thanks for stopping by

I'm sure you already know who wrote this one!


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you Jim! At least you are not bored. Thanks for the blog. If you are really missing the cold we could send you some of the stuff we have here. Love ya, Gram

Alan said...

Emily, thanks for the sports update!