Sunday, November 11, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like.... Autumn

Well the fall weather is finally upon here in NC. The past few days have been in the low to mid 50s. I know it isn't as cold as in Michigan... and of course we haven't gotten any snow nor is any in the forecast. It is actually supposed to be back in the mid 70s this week.

This past week was one of limited excitement. I worked every day and had a meeting with parents Friday morning who hate the school system... and to make matters worse, they're Penn State fans. An unbelievable combination. However, the meeting went better than expected... but I'm still not quite used to representing the school system in front of parents who have children struggling in the school.

I have actually started a push-in model for a couple hours a day in the fifth grade classroom. I am really enjoying that, because I think it is great for the students to stay in the general education classroom if at all possible. The students are doing good in the general ed. classroom, and it also gives me more interaction with different students (not to mention the planning I don't have to do).

Emily has been working as well, and continues to enjoy her job. Although I'm pretty sure she'll never be a morning person.

Yesterday, we went to a Premium Outlet Mall in Smithfield, NC. I bet you can guess who planned that trip (and just so you know Alan... it was Emily!). It was a pretty good outlet mall, although I only came away with a pair of pants. Emily did a better job of shopping than me... and the bags can prove it. We ended our time at the mall with the redemption of a buy one get one free Dairy Queen Blizzard. It was almost the perfect end to the trip.. but that perfection was yet to come. Once we got back into Raleigh we needed some SUNCH (the meal between lunch and supper... yes I know most of you may call it LUPER, but I think SUNCH sounds cooler), we stopped at Olive Garden for the soup, salad, and breadsticks (seriously.. that salad is amazing!) And that my friends, was the perfect end to the trip!

Today, Emily is working and I'm sick. I guess all the little kids have gotten to me with their open mouth coughs and no covering... gotta love it. So basically I'm just sitting at home sneezing and sniffling... watching football and trying to do school work. Which, takes me to the excitement of tomorrow. I don't have school! Emily doesn't have nursing! Together we have nothing tomorrow! However, I think plans are going to be made... but you'll have to read about those later I guess.

I hope you all are doing well, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again around the Thanksgiving Holiday.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you again and hope you will be feeling better tomorrow. Maybe you can go shopping again on your day off!!! Looking forward to see you in a couple of weeks, but you will probably be wearing your winter coat while your here. Don't get to comfortable in NC with that nice weather-----you can enjoy it for awhile and feel sorry for us pushing snow around. Lots of love to both of you. Gram

Anonymous said...

remember when I called you when you were at the mall. I was hoping you were going to say

"It was almost the perfect end to the trip.. but" then anonymous called.

I guess I'm not that important, thanks for the one "shout-out" though... I mean, whoever that is.