Friday, October 26, 2007

rain, rain stay & play, sun come out another day

Rain, at last! The sky is gray, the air is cool, and is raining. It's beginning to feel a little more like the weather that we are accustomed to. Some of the leaves have started to change as well. It has been a quiet week, and we really don't have anything to report on...but, I just wanted to pop in to say hello...have a good weekend. em


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting even though nothing is special....just nice to know that even you have quiet days..enjoy the rain!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim & Em: It is so beautiful here in Michigan today too (but no rain yet). That is suppose to start tonight. Happy you are loving the change of seasons in NC also! Hope you have another fun weekend. Love ya. Gram D.

Alan said...

I have to keep up with replying to every message, but I couldn't think of anything, so I all I will say is:

Jim? Saturday?