Sunday, October 21, 2007

The place they call Little Pee Dee

Change of plans...again
The ban on campfires in North Carolina continues and now Virginia has joined the band-wagon. So, we didn't go camping in the mountains as originally planned, OR in Virginia...but all is well because we had a magnificent campfire in South Carolina!

We arrived at Little Pee Dee State Park after driving through cotton fields and a poor, poor area (we began to think this was going to be an interesting camping trip). The fields however finally subsided and we were in a very nice wooded area, which was in the middle of nowhere.
We found the perfect campsite (Emily said) and so we went to the ranger's office and registered for a couple of nights. We set up camp and then relaxed until dinner time. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire, which were amazing.

Saturday was a relaxing day. It started off with hot apple cider and honey-nut cheerios. We spent the majority of the afternoon reading. We also took a walk around the park and Lake Horton in the afternoon. We stopped to admire the lake a little too close to some red ant hills, and we both figured it out at about the same time. We escaped the monsters with only a few bites, but I think they got the best of us (although I wrecked the next red ant hill I saw with a stick).
(OK, Emily is taking over from here...)
We had hobo pies for supper (pizza AND grilled cheese) and indulged in the marshmallows once more. We reminisced/laughed/cried...around the campfire for hours before turning in for the night. The air was crisp and it was perfect sleeping weather.

We woke up this morning and enjoyed another campfire and a cup of coffee. All is well when you're sitting beneath a canopy of trees watching the sun rise, with a fire before you, your best friend beside you, and a cup of coffee in your hand. For those split seconds the world seems so right.

We left SC around noon and drove back. The 2 1/2 hour drive went by fast and now we're back home, our gear is packed away and we're ready for the week that lies ahead. We hope you had a relaxing weekend as well. Take care, Jim and Em

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from this weekend...enjoy!

ONLY if you're from the north do you carry 2 heavy duty snow scrapers in your car AT ALL TIMES. and, ONLY in the south do you use them as a multi-purpose tools instead! (We didn't have a broom...but we made do)
our MUCH anticipated campFIRE!
It doesn't quite feel like fall yet...
this was all Jim's idea...i just happened to have the camera

our campsite

Jim's artistic angle we were in the middle of nowhere
Lake Horton
if this picture doesn't look familar, scroll back to an earlier blog entry...:)


Alan said...

I love the pictures, Jim I was waiting for some comment about the name of the park, but when I read through the whole post without one, I was disappointed. Then I saw your picture of you leaning on the sign and to quote Emily "For those split seconds the world seems so right" I also love the last picture, I wish you would have taken the blue chair out though, perhaps I can do some photoshopping :)

Anonymous said...

I am jealous...camping in October what a glorious thought. The campfire looked awesome and I so agree with your comment that when all things come together when camping life seems perfect!

Kristin said...

Ok, recreating that picture was hilarious, for a second I just thought you put that old one in there again to throw us off. Quite funny :) Glad you had a good time!