Thursday, October 11, 2007

Loving L&D!

We're back in North Carolina...and part of us feels like we never left. The last week and a half was amazing. It was so refreshing to catch up with family and friends in Michigan. I know there are some people we didn't see, and to that I apologize...we could have used an extra week to reunite with everyone we wanted to...but, unfortunately time was not on our side! Hopefully we'll be back in GR soon (maybe Thanksgiving?...and/or around the end of the year). But, now its back to life here....

I started my new job yesterday, bright and early and it was an incredible day! We induced our patient around 10 am. By 4 I was holding her hand and coaching her through pushing and at 5:22 her baby girl was born! I almost cried tears of joy right along with my patient, her husband and the grandmas! I've never been so giddy at work...what a refreshing feeling, especially after the last year.

Jim still has another week off from teaching and he could finally empathize with me about how boring it is to stay at home....alone! Hopefully during the next 3 week break in January he will be able to substitute teach the days I work.

We both have today we're heading to the Farmer's market to stock up on some fresh produce. The sun is shining here and its suppose to a high of 75....perfect "fall" weather! I'll post some pictures's my personal goal to keep this blog updated more frequently...since we realized people DO read this and weren't too happy that we were slacking with the updates. A personal apology to all those affected (particularly BEN, and RACHAEL). Love to all!


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Kristin said...

Em, I'm so glad you're enjoying L&D thus far!! I'm also excited that you may finally enjoy being a nurse. Being as I love being one, I've always wanted you to feel the same way. Isn't it amazing to see a brand new family and share in their joy?! Hope the training continues to go well. Love you guys!