Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Gram!


The weekend flew by...and it's hard it is Monday once again! We've enjoyed the relaxation of the past few days. Yesterday we visited another new church and met up with a teacher Jim works with and her husband for bagels and coffee afterwards
. Jim played football with some of the guys yesterday afternoon, as I enjoyed a Sunday nap. The weather has been great... 60-70's during the day and down in the 40's at night. That's about is beginning to become a little more routine.
We'll write more later (hopefully something exciting will happen between now and then!) thanks for checking in. em


Anonymous said...

whose grandma? Happy Birthday to whatever grandma we're talking about? Wow 75 big ones! Good going grandma ________________!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim & Em for thinking about me on my birthday. That is a lot of years! I am truly blessed with all of my family. God is so Good. Love you, Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

We missed you at our party