Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Free Taco Day!

Well it was a brisk morning with a touch of frost on the windshield.

I spent the day at a seminar for first year special education teachers... which was a pretty overwhelming day. There was a lot of information handed out, and not nearly as much explanation for it. I go back tomorrow all day for even more information. I sat between a girl from Wisconsin and a girl from Lansing, MI. It seems as though none of the teachers in this area are from NC.

Emily is still at work but she should be home soon.

The highlight of the day... Free taco from Taco Bell. Today from 2-5 pm Taco Bell was giving everyone who came in (and asked for a free taco) a free taco because there was a stolen base in the world series. The promotion was for a free taco if any player in the World Series stole a base. Well Mr. Jacoby Ellsburg did just that in Game 2. There are rumors going around that his new nickname is Tacoby Bellsbury. Funny??? I think so!

I hope you all took advantage of this wonderful promotion as I know Alan and I did.

Have a good one.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like work to me to go to a seminar all day. Who teaches your class when you're gone? Wish I would have known about the free taco, I probably would have gotten one too. I played cards tonight until 11:00 and who can sleep when you have just had pumpkin pie and coffee so, I'll play on the computer for awhile until I wind down. Have a good one. Gram D.

Anonymous said...

Free taco...Jim, you have to spread the facts early in the day:) So sad to hear about the seminar. Maybe today was better....just thinking positive. Glad to see that you took a turn at blogging! Love, Mom Bonthuis

Alan said...

hahahahahahahahaha, what's this all about?