Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a fair kind of day

Today we went to the state fair, (a special thanks to Rex hospital for the free tickets!) was slightly chaotic, but all in all a good time. We spent the majority of our time looking at the animals and attending the cow and goat shows. What a crazy event! They also had the "State Fair Ark" which consisted of a variety of farm animals (pictures below).

a donkey...

The champion steer, which was bought by Harris Teeter (a local grocery store) for $25,000The champion turkey, which was sold for $5,000
the goats...playing king of the hill

We also finished gathering up some much needed items for our camping excursion this weekend. We've have changed our destination...we're going camping in Virginia instead of North Carolina because NC has a state ban on campfires...and camping just isn't the same without a fire & s'mores.

Jim is going in to school tomorrow to prepare for the next 9 weeks, which begins on Monday. I'm working tomorrow, which is my last shift for the week...and then thankfully, its the weekend!

Hope all is well with you, our faithful readers! Thanks for checking in. Love, Em

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! So hilarious that you guys saw a petting zoo type of thing- Travis and I just visited Charlevoix, and they had a very similar menagerie at the Apple Festival! I hope you both are doing well, and Jim, good luck with another round of teaching. Love you both!