Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bocce Ball... and call outs

Well hello all,

First and foremost... today the 13th of October is the birthday of our faithful reader and friend Mr. Alan Musch. So you should all call him, email him, or facebook him a special message. Have a good one Al.

I'm (Jim) writing to you all today because Emily has this new goal in life to be a better blogger... and somehow I fit into that as well.

Well, let me say that I'm not quite as nice as Emily is when she write on here, and that being the case, I am going to make a couple call outs right now.

When we were back in GR we received some comments about why we don't update our blog!?!? Well let me tell you, when we write on the blog we are doing it to update those who care about what is going on in our lives. However, we had no idea so many people were actually reading it. How could we possibly not know, you might ask? It is quite simple you see...... at the end of every blog there is a link that says COMMENT (this is where our readers can leave us a comment like "Hey, I just read the blog, I think it is great that you are doing a blog and it sounds like things are going well). So when we look at those comments we think we are getting a pretty clear estimation of the amount of people reading our blog.

Those people are to be commended for their valiant effort in letting us know they are faithful readers of our blog. Heres to you!

We have received comments from the following people:

Grandma D
Aunt Mickey
The Sikma family
Some anonymous person that thinks Val and Alan are really cool people
Sarah... because she has actually helped in composing a blog update
Becky Winkle - she figured out the duck mystery (thanks again buddy)

Those people have left actual written comments regarding our blog which makes it clear to us that they are reading up on us.

To the rest of you, shame on you!!

You expect us to continually write what is going on in our lives but we can't even get a simple one sentence response from you--- this blogging relationship is not a one way street.

Now I hope you know I was laughing while writing all of the above, but hopefully it will increase the number of comments we receive (because that is our excitement in the whole blogging experience).

NOW, on to the happening of yesterday.

Emily had class all day for new nurses, and I stayed at home did some laundry and I also did some school work trying to get ahead of the game so I don't get flooded when I walk back into school (and a couple of very intense sessions on AsoBrain took some time from my day).

However, we were able to spend the evening together (after a short nap by Emily to restore her energy). We took off for Lake Crabtree with the Bocce Ball set in hand (and by "in hand" I mean in the back seat of Emily's car).

For those of you who know about our Bocce Ball games..... you know that Emily is a fierce competitor and I have yet to beat her (or her and Sarah on the same team), but there was a new wind blowing last night.

I took off to an amazing 6-0 lead (playing to 15 of course) and I was feeling pretty good, but Emily wanted to quit. She decided there was no way she was going to win when I was almost halfway to winning without her having one point. Then the wind changed direction. The next I knew, the score was 9-7 with me barely holding onto that 2 point lead. But alas... the wind changed once again and I rolled out a big 15-9 victory. Now Emily is still a little bitter about the loss, but she is a great sport and congratulated me on the victory. She would never go on an online blog and brag about a victory like I do, but hey thats her! I have included some pictures at the end of this blog from our Bocce Ball game at the park.

After Bocce Ball we decided to go looking at tents because we are hoping to go camping next weekend. We were hoping to find a good deal because it is very late in the camping season, while we did find a couple of good deals, they were on tents we didn't really want. We left Dick's Sporting Goods a little disappointed and even more excited for camping (not a good combination).

Today Emily is working and I went out on a search for great deals on tents (tents that we actually wanted), and lo and behold I think I found it!! (at another Dick's Sporting Goods location). I put it on hold though because I want to make sure that is a tent that Emily, too, will like. Perhaps tomorrow you will hear about our amazing new tent.

Alright well I'm gonna go, here are those pictures!

Emily and I having a picturesque moment before the competition.

What you are seeing here is the form of the previous Bocce champ!
With the sun at my back I score another 2 points.
This is when Emily scored two points and started her frightening comeback. I was not too happy.

Emily still had it in her heart to give me a kiss on the check (for a shadow picture that didn't really turn out that great) after it was all said and done.

The sun setting on another beautiful evening in the park.
Mucho Amor!


Sarah said...

Okay I'm finally leaving a comment....I READ THE BLOG! I too, was a bit disappointed in the past few weeks when there hadn't been an update. Looks like you're doing a great job updating it now! :) Jim, congrats on finally beating Em in bocce ball, although I'd say that girl is full of fierce competition...remember paddle buoy?!
Hope you guys are well. Miss you!
S WInks

Anonymous said...

Jim and Emily,

I am a long time reader first time commenter. For some reason I felt that I really should write something. Anyways, it was really good to see you guys again this past week. Looks like you guys are still having a blast. Hope the new job is going well for Emily. Have a great week.
Benny G

Anonymous said...

So... this blogging thing, it's on the interweb? on those new fangled devices that kids are always plugging there idodods?