Monday, September 17, 2007

Duck, Duck... Goose?

Since the last update, life has been pretty "normal" around here. Emily did start her official training at Pregnancy Support Services which has kept her occupied for the last two Thursday and Friday nights and also all day on Saturday for the past two weekends.

I have finished my 7th week of school already, time has been flying by! I spent my last Saturday at a beginning teacher induction seminar. I'd hate to say the seminar seemed repetitive from the other first year teacher seminars I have been to since being hired, but it seemed like another refresher course in the subject of Wake County Public Schools.

After we both were done with our trainings/seminars this past Saturday, we decided to go out and enjoy the amazing weather the weekend presented. We bought a pizza from a local Italian restaurant and took it took to Lake Johnson Nature Park for a little picnic by the water. We had never been to the park before, but it was an amazing park with lots and lots of ducks!! Personally I love ducks... so I was having a wonderful time. Emily tried to intimidate a duck/goose (we're really not sure what it was) and was hissed at... which was good for a solid 2 minutes of laughter. There are some pictures below from the park and also one of our mysterious duck friend (if you have any insight to what it might be, we would greatly appreciate it... Alan, I'm sure you'll do some research on it for us.)

On Sunday we went back to Hope Community Church. After visiting a church with a more traditional feel the past couple of weeks, we are wondering if Hope is really where we are supposed to be. It seems as though we are back to step one wondering where exactly we are supposed to be on Sunday mornings.

After church we headed to downtown Raleigh for the 9/11 traveling tribute. It was a powerful exhibit which included pictures, quotes, artifacts, and video featuring first hand accounts of fire fighters, police officers and survivors of the 9/11 attack. At the end of the exhibit we signed a steel beam that will be used in building the 9/11 memorial.

well, heres to another week!

Here is the view of Lake Johnson from where we ate our dinner.

Okay, here is the mysterious duck/bird that I mentioned earlier.We had a couple different people offer to take our picture while we were standing on the wooden bridge that spanned the lake.... what nice people around here.

Wow... is that a senior picture or something?
Here is a picture of the beam that we signed for the 9/11 memorial.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nursing News....

Photo -----------> that's where I'll be working! It's official!
The papers are signed and the drug test is complete! Beginning Sept. 24! AND, as of today I have a nursing license in North Carolina! Just wanted to share the good news. Thanks for the prayers, I'll keep you posted on the crazy adventure of catching babies. love, em

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hiking pictures and License update!

Here are a few pictures of our hiking adventure on Saturday...

one of the many bridges we hiked on that day....but, no water due to the drought...
crazy, yet entertaining....

..and just an update on my nursing license...I talked to the NC board of Nursing last week and all my paperwork had been submitted. However, I found out this morning that Michigan filled out the paperwork incorrectly, so back to Michigan it goes. Thankfully, they have issued me a temporary license, which will be activated TOMORROW! My permanent license will be issued once the paperwork is corrected, which hopefully will be in a few weeks. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Life's a hike, you learn as you climb...

I apologize for the delay in writing. Life is getting SLIGHTLY busier and slightly less eventful, but still so good! Jim continues to enjoy teaching. Prayers are much appreciated as he has numerous meetings with parents in the upcoming weeks. I have continued to spend my time at the Pregnancy Support Services, which has continued to be such a blessing. Also, I had an interview last week Tuesday at REX Hospital....and today I unofficially accepted a job on a labor and delivery unit. Crazy! It is such a huge change from oncology, but I pray it will be just what I need to refuel my love for nursing. I should hear from human resources later this week regarding an official offer, if all goes well with my criminal background check and keep your fingers crossed!:)

We have had a relaxing Labor Day weekend and were able to catch up with many family and friends over the phone. We are so eager to see everyone in October when we return to GR to celebrate Valerie and Alan's wedding! Whoohoo!!! We also spent time hiking on Saturday at a local state park, which was beautiful! I'll try and post pics tomorrow. We pray everyone enjoyed the long weekend as well.
With joy, Em