Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Goodbye Sarah…Hello Reality

I apologize for the delay in posting. What a crazy, busy, and completely amazing week it has been! While Jim has been getting acquainted with his new job from 8-5, Sarah and I have kept busy! We explored the shopping centers in the surrounding areas and had a riot seeing who could find the best deal. While Sarah was here I also rediscovered my passion for reading and I successfully finished 5 books in 5 days. The ongoing challenges of Sorry and phase ten continued as well. This past weekend we took a mini vacation out to the coast. We left early Saturday morning and drove to Fort Fisher. We spent a few hours in the aquarium and then took off for the beach for a picnic lunch. We all stuck our feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time (that we can remember)! We then went on a mission to find a hotel in Wilmington for the night. We spent some time walking a nearby shopping area along the channel. Then it was off to dinner (which proved to be the best part of the day!) We ate at a local seafood restaurant, which was rated as the #1 seafood restaurant in the area…rightly so, the food was amazing! After satisfying our taste buds we headed back to our hotel to relax and catch a few Zzz’s. At promptly 5 am the alarm clocks went off and sluggishly I (Emily) got out of bed as the others were already dressed and waiting. We drove to the beach and awaited the much anticipated sunrise. What an amazing site. Despite my dislike for mornings, it was well worth it! Arriving at the beach in the pitch black we found our way to the shore. We searched for seashells using the light from our cell phones and enjoyed the quietness of the morning. Slowly, but surly the sky began to lighten and the magnificent red ball began to inch its way up in the sky. After discovering our seashells weren’t nearly as cool in the sunlight as they were in the dark, we disposed of them in a nice sand pile Sarah made. Back to bed it was! We slept so good we didn’t hear the alarm clock and we abruptly woke up 30 minutes before we had to check out of our hotel. It was time to hit the beach and enjoy some sun! The waves were big and the sun was scorching. We spent the majority of our day playing in the waves and attempting to ride them into shore. What a riot! We left with pink tinted cheeks and a satisfying feeling. What an amazing day! …and before we knew it we were home. Monday began a week of extreme heat here in NC. It has been at least 99 degrees everyday so far (with heat indexes over 100!). Sarah and I laid low Monday and we went to explore a bit of Chapel Hill Monday night. Yesterday, we rose early as Sar had to be at the airport by 7:15. It was hard to say goodbye….and the tears were flowing, but all good things must come to end. So, it’s back to real life over here. I found out yesterday that there was some missing paperwork with my nursing license and it will be another month at least before it is processed. It just wasn’t a good day yesterday! But, God is good and forever faithful. I hope to find a part-time job (non-nursing) or do volunteer work until my license arrives…and also search out my nursing options in the meantime. Prayers are much appreciated as I begin the search. I’ll keep you posted! With joy, Emily

Wow! I guess I was a little long-winded today!

Here are a few pictures of this past weekend...

These two were at the aquarium ...
at the Atlantic Ocean!
My dinner...delicious!

5:30 am...not quite awake !The pictures don't do justice, but it was amazing!


Kristin said...

Wow Em, I don't think I could have dragged myself out of bed that early. But it sounds like it was amazing! And silly Jim, he's been in the Atlantic Ocean before! Anyway, I hope you are both having a good week. I'll call soon.

Anonymous said...

you were IN the aquarium?