Tuesday, July 24, 2007

our first visitor!

It's me, sarah! as jim and emily failed to mention in their previous blogs, i am visiting them for the next two weeks. i am also their first official visitor. emily made a delicious dinner for my arrival tonight: french dips, corn on the cob, and tossed salad. yum.
i am so excited for the next two weeks. we hope to visit the mountains and the ocean while i am here. it should be an adventurous visit!
some good news that i feel honored to report...jim's papers finally went through! he should be starting his job soon, by monday for sure. he is very excited, as is emily....and me too, of course!
well, that is all! hope you are all doing well.

here are a few pics of the evening...
i brought Nanny's candy for emmy....
...and we ate WAY too much!
I'm on top of the world because i'm finally reunited with my best friends!


Kristin said...

Sarah, I am so jealous that you have now been out there twice and I haven't been able to go yet. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! Don't forget you have to give Sarah back in a few weeks. Jim do you start teaching on Monday? I'm getting some things ready but I still have a few weeks left. Maybe you could take Sarah in for Show and Tell or Bring and Brag. Em, your apartment looks great! Love and miss you all, Mickey