Monday, July 30, 2007

Falcon Pride

Today began a little earlier than most as Jim’s alarm clock went off before 7. It was crazy to have him gone all day, knowing that he was teaching. You can learn more about the Green Hope Falcons at the school's website:

Reality is beginning to set in…(at least for Jim). Thankfully, Sarah is still here and we spent our day shopping. I am so grateful for her companionship.

Jim’s first day of school went really well, and I’m sure he’ll blog more about it later…I just wanted to fill everyone in on the last week. We have been hit with storms sporadically over the last 5 days. We gladly welcome the rain as it is a refreshing break from scorching sun. In between the rain showers we have enjoyed reading in the pool, playing tennis, visiting Duke’s garden and chapel, shopping, watching movies, playing bocce ball, and numerous rounds of Sorry and Phase 10. What a blessing it is to have Sarah here. We have laughed a lot and truly enjoyed each other’s company.

We celebrated Jim's first day of school with a little bubbly..

In the last week we have also turned in our Michigan licenses, successfully passed a written driver’s test, paid our dues, and in return, we received our NC licenses. It was quite the process…and after little frustration (due to paper work issues)...the process is complete. Phew…

I think that sums up our life lately. I am still waiting for my nursing license to be transferred. There are plenty of job opportunities and I pray that God will grant me with direction and discernment as I begin application process.

Here are a few pictures from this past week....
Me & Sar at a shopping center...right after we devoured Ben and Jerry's Ice cream

WOW! Sar and Jim at Duke's Gardens...

Bye for now! Thanks for checking in. With love, Em

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Alan said...

uhh, Sarah's "wow" looks more like a "wov"