Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bodies, Blue Devils, Boy Meets World & Baseball

Yesterday was an eventful day... We decided to spend it in Durham, which is about 20 minutes from our apartment. We went to the BODIES exhibit, which is an exhibit of human cadavers. The cadavers have been preserved and cut in various ways to display our body's muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves. The exhibit was incredible! Although a bit disturbing, (I left feeling slightly weak in my knees...) But what a testament to how fearfully and wonderfully made we are!

After the exhibit we visited an outdoor shopping center. Our plans were delayed slightly as it finally stormed here... the picture below is of one of the sculptures at the shopping center (which was donated for UNC's Children's Hospital).
After the shopping center we drove to Duke University. We visited the Sarah B. Duke Gardens, which is a huge garden that we spent an hour in and only saw one of the four sections. The weather was hot and muggy and the skies were turning black again so we decided that after an hour we should leave and come back to see the rest of the gardens at another time.

Here are a couple of pictures from the garden.

Emily and I hanging out on a bridge that spanned over a creek running throughout the garden.

Emily was impressed by the size of the leaf!

One of the terraces in the garden.

We then headed over the Duke University Chapel. The road that drives you up to the chapel is an amazing drive in which the chapel is the main focal point. The picture below doesn't really do it justice but at least it gives you an idea.

The chapel was amazing! The inside of the chapel was lit by an array of colors due the stained glass windows that surrounded it. Here is a picture of a window in the front of the chapel.

Here is a picture showing an outside wing of the chapel.
Once we finally got back home we relaxed and watched an episode of Boy Meets World on DVD, because we don't have an antenna for our tv yet. Then, because we don't have an antenna for our tv we went off to a local sports bar to watch the baseball all-star game (so I could watch some of the Tigers play). Yeah, I am as equally impressed as you are that Emily would go to a sports bar with me to watch a baseball game. She received many points for that.

Well I think that is all I have for now, and I hope my first entry did a good job at conveying exactly what we do around here.

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toolfool said...

Those places you visited give me some ideas about what to see next time I'm down there. Did the box of godies arrive yet?